Ecoselva Pepe Tapia,  has been doing  volunteer  Works  in different aspects as: Teaching on the small communitaries schools  (english, environmental sciences due this area and sorroundings we work in tourism, living with the indigenous people and helping on plantations, collecting the fruits   they plant;
buiding sanitaries (toilettes), repairing some classrooms, building enclosures fences for kínder gardens; this activities are done with some foreigner organizations in which we are sponsors
We are a, local travel agency which knows the necesities of the locals. There is a big demand for volunteers. 
Afternoons may do some activities as tubing on the rivers (Napo or Misahualli), going to the waterfall, for a relaxing shower, visit some tribal people(communities), go to Tena,
Saturday and Sunday free day.
Accommodation and meals are included, and are in a family and in a separated room.
Price per month and per person is 300 USD
We are working this activity since 1996 


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