9H00  star from Misahualli in a pick up  for 15 minutes until a quichua community Ponce Loma where we star the walk by secondary jungle and plantations,  find the entrance whole to walk throug per 1h30 with a couple torches every body,   stalactites,   stalagmites, in perfect conditions, plus whip scorpions, bats, spiders; at the other side entrance  we keep walking to find the Umbuni waterfall to get a bath then get your box lunch & way down 30 minutes to the high way to take the bus to Misahualli where the tour  finishes.
 The other option instead of the bus, is to make tubing on the Napo river to Misaualli during 1h30 with life jackets, and need to be good  swimers (Be confident).

For this activities we need minimun 2 persons, good conditions required.
Price:    Total  Price per 2 pax is 100USD
Need to be in sports clothes , torches, battery replaces, water proof bags.


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