5 DAY TOUR           
8h30 we take a pick up per 10 minutes by the right side of the Napo river then a 6 hour trekking until the Arajuno river where we spend the night in a jungle camp, accommdation on the rooms and beds, swim on the river, dinner.
7h00 breakfast then take a motor canoe per 20 minutes  till the bridge of the Arajuno river to wait the public bus and to go 30 minutes, after make a 6 hour trekking untill the Nushino river find a safe place to make the tents, dinner, fishing.
This day we walk along the river to find, cut, and peel the bark of the balsas trees, to tide them into a raft to navigate the Nushino river, takes the whole day, recommended to be in shorts, boots, baseball hats. In the night we can make 1 hour walk to see some creatures. Fishing.
Navigate the Nushino river during the whole day, need to help pushing the raft with Wood sticks provided per the guides, be alert to jump into the river to hold the raft because the tree trunks, the rapids, branches not allowed to touch them, etc, find a safe place to make the tents, dinner.
After breakfast flote down 1 more hour to reach a bridge where we get a small group of indians Huaorani, get our things, untied the rafts, wait for our transportation to be taken back to misahualli in 1h45m. Tour is finished at about 14h00.

Minimun persons for this tour: 2
Total Price per this tour: 750 USD
It is included guiding,transportations, food, rubber boots until size 44, water is boiled every night  to drink it next day, rolling mattress.
In this tour you need to bring: mosquito repelent, sun cream, camera&plastic bags, own first aid, tent if you have it only, fast drying clothes,
To be in good conditions, very healthy, no allergies, is higly recommended.
In this adventure  trip the chances to sleep are not easy, because the rain, the wind, the river become high very quick, the main food is cans and there is not much time to seat and find the Wood to cook, recommended bring your tablet purifying water.

You need to be very alert when our guides say jump, run, hold the raft, push stronger.

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