8h30 is the time to meet us in our small office to give the gum boots, take a taxi to go 10 minutes going by the right side of the Napo river, then make a 6h trekking, there are explanations about flora and avi-fauna of the area, on the way we have our box lunch, at about 15h00 we arrive the jungle rustic lodge near the river Arajuno, place to stay the 2 nights, we set our beds and rooms, swim on the river, dinner is at 19h00, after there is a special meeting with the shaman from the community  where we hear his way of work, we do not share the drug yagé.
8h00 is breakfast then a 3 hour walk into the jungle, back camp for lunch, then take a nap hammocks, later we make tubing on the river per 40 minutes, at 17h00 we can do fishing by the river side, dinner after that, there is a night walk to hear & see different creatures from the day, we need torches.
After breakfast we go to visit the community and the school, on the way we have plantations as:coffee, cacao, achiote, anis, penicilin, ivory seeds, bananas, semiwild fruits of the season.
In the school we speak the children, play with them, leave some gifts, drink a special White staff made from yuca, back to the camp for lunch and after we get ready to take a paddle canoe per 1h30m or a motor canoe per 20m to navigate the arajuno river untill the bridge where we will wait for the public bus/pick up/truck to get Misahualli at about 17h00, where the tour is finished.
Minimun persons:   2
Total Price per this tour: 270 USD
It is included: guiding, transportations, meals, drinkable water, gum boots maximun size 44, accommodation, fees.
Bring with you: 2 litres water for the 1st day trekking, mosquito repelent, sun cream, 3 T shirts, 2 pants, 1 short, towel, own first aid, 2 pair of socks, shoes/sandals, book,baseball hat, cards,  torches.

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