DAY 1.-
7H00 in our place Ecoselva we meet us to inmediately get a pick up per 2.5km and wait a public bus to go down way and opposite right side of the Napo river during 4 hours untill the point to start the walk, during the walk there are explanatilns about flora & fauna of the área as tamarins, howlers, wooly, capuchins, squirrel monkeys. This walk is 4 hours. Arrive the place Gontiwuano, a small new community of the Huaorani indiana people (as 10 families ). Get a place to sleep in a mattress. Dinner
Day 2 .-
Breakfast then navigate in a motor canoe the Tivacuno river: birdwatching as the millenarium Hoatzin, toucans, etc, a short walk in 30 minutes to find a small waterfall to refresh in a swimming, get our box lunch, and way back to the camp at 16h00, Dinner. At night we can observe caymans.
Day 3 .-
breakfast, then a 4-5 hour walk to see some wild life accompanied of 1 huaorani guide, lunch, in the place place the community might show us how to make the drink chicha de yuca, or jewelry or a shaman demostration, or the use of the blow gun, late afternoon go to fish piaranha, dinner.
Day 4 Breakfast. Then a 4 hour walk back to the road to get the public bus to go Misahualli during 4 hours. Tour is finished at about 18h00

2 paxes 630 usd mínimum needed Need to bring: Fast drying clothes, socks, basebal hat, flash light, camera, binoculars, waterproof trecking shoes, rain jacket, We provide you: Transportations, guiding, meals, fees, gum boots in case you need. This tour is garanteed for wildlife


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