DAY 1.-
8h30 is the time to meet us in our small ofice to go into the Napo river and get the balsa raft,will navigate the river way down until 16h00 to find a place to sleep can be river beach tents and rolling mat or  a  family house with mosquitonets and rolling mats.
Day 2 .-
After breakfast keep the navigation way down, make a stop to walk around  by some crops  maíz, yuca, bananas, cacao, coffee, achiote, etc…  some jungle also as 1 hour. Find a place to spend the night, tents or family house.
Day 3 .-
Still flote down the Napo and arrive the Coca city at about 12h00 where the tour is finished.
Note: This river tour is very good in landscape, scenery, cultural, and ecological, is hard and recommend for  people in good conditions. You have to help with the sticks and paddles to move the raft, there are some rapids and very slow running  river water in the last day.
Must be booked  some  days in advance, to find the balsa trees & to tide them  into a raft.
Price per this tour is 45USD per day and per person.
Minimun person per this tour  4.
Bring with you:  sun cream, mosquito repelent, plastic bags to keep dry the things, rolling mat
We provide you: transportation, guides, meals, entrances fees.


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