Who are We

Ecoselva pepetapia  Cia. Ltda. Is a local travel agency leader in the amazonia and specialized in jungle tours, run for Pepe Tapia with 30 years experience in the   activity guiding.
Some of the jungle & trekking tours are since 1 up to 10 days by Misahualli area, down into the lagoons. So expert in flora, birding, fauna, tribal people, his biology background is his main  presentation, expert in butterflies  due his butterfly farm since 2000.
25 years inmerse in projects with volunteers  assisting the local indiana communities from the area, and one sample is the organisation VESA  in the last 5 years building sanitaries, running water, school classes for the quichua indiana people.  
As part of adventures we offer a rustic jungle lodge located by the Arajuno river and  from misahualli by boat on the rivers Napo &Arajuno 1h20 minutes, with space for 24 people.
Our travel agency & operator is well recomended in most of the travel guide books as: Lonely Planet, South American Handbook, Routary del mondu, Ecuador, etc… and per many of our clients who gave us the chance to be guided, friends, etc.
We invite you to be part of one experience into the jungle where the five senses is not enough to understand the marvelous green & humid rain forest.